A Student Guide to Learning From Home Series

A Student Guide to Learning From Home Series

2020 is unlike any year that I have experienced so far as an educator. I started a new role as an ESL Coordinator for a large school district in Northwest Arkansas. Learning a new role comes with its ups and downs and continual learning from typically more errors and than successes.

Then came March of 2020- COVID 19

Nothing could have prepared me or educators across the country for what was going to happen next. Schools shut down nationwide, even across the globe. School districts shifted overnight to distance learning with not time to prepare students- Kindergarten through 12th grade. Senior experience cut short; no spring sports, no prom, no graduation, no farewells to teachers and classmates… My heart still breaks for those students and their families.

Some schools are 1 to 1 and have the capability of sending devices home with students, others are not. Some students have WiFi access, other do not. There are several children who have IEPs, 504s, and LPACs and educators had to figure out how to meet those accommodations and modifications.

What I can say through everything is I have never been more proud of my career field, my coworkers, and my community. Teachers have come together globally to answer the question of how to best reach the needs of all students; not just academically, but physically and emotionally as well. District put together meal distribution plans so that no child would go hungry during school closures. Businesses ensured that every child would have what they needed- food, supplies, internet access, online resources…

I have been thinking about what I can do to contribute and decided to do a series for students and teachers called “A Student Guide to Learning from Home” with special edition graphics and videos throughout the next few weeks. I have been fortunate in this time of uncertainty because my husband is an independent contractor and has worked from home for the last 5 years. He helped me and our children create systems to help us while working and learning from home. So I have decided to take that information and share it with my fellow educators, parents, and children in hopes it can help each of you out as well.

This first graphic is an overview for learning from home. I will post more, so stay tuned! Enjoy šŸ™‚

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